Lord Lamington using Umbraco Heartcore

Lord Lamington is a demo website for showcasing the multi-language features of Umbraco Heartcore. The code herein powers the website and is written in .NET Core 2.2.

What’s Umbraco Heartcore?

It’s headless. It’s Content-as-a-Service (CaaS). See my blog post on the Umbraco Heartcore Launch for more details.

Trying it out

Clone this repo and run it using Visual Studio 2019.

Access to the content repo

If you need access to the Content API, please DM me on Twitter @dAmazingNut. I can provide the project alias so that you can play with populated content. It’s not a big secret though 😀


The code is not production ready and is more suited to understand the concepts. Note that it’s work in progress.


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.